Breeding Ancient dragons in the Breeding Dome functions a lot like regular breeding. Dragons are chosen from a combination of elements. The Ancient element isn’t used at all, because there are no possible dragons with the Ancient element. Each Ancient dragon has a new element (Beauty, Magic, Chaos, Happy, Dream, Soul) and an old element (Terra, Flame, Sea, Nature, etc.). So far there are no breedable dragons that have a new and old element, so what that means is you will either combine the new elements from each parent, or the old elements from each parent.

Since we all want to breed the new dragons with the new elements, that means it’s best if we can minimize the time of the dragons possible from the old elements.

Terra is Best

As is the case in the new style quests, the holy grail is Terra + Terra = Terra, as that results in only 1 possible dragon, with a 15 second breeding time. So basically there’s very little wait to try again. Here are the Ancient Dragons with the Terra element:

So any combination of these 3 dragons is going to fit the bill. The only “miss” will be Terra, and so (if you have an open hatchery slot) even with bad luck you should be able to get one of the new dragons breeding in a few minutes at most. The dragons you can get this way are Prophet, Flawless, and Red Rose:

Flame is Good Too!

Flame + Flame = Flame (30s) so it’s another great choice for breeding this way. Ancient Dragons with the Flame element are:

This means we have only one Flame + Flame combination:

Rebird + Glowppy = Bride (16h) or Flame (30s)

Coming Soon …

This should help you to be sure to get at least these 3 dragons over the next few days. A breeding calculator will be coming soon to help you pick out the best combos for all the dragons!

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