Moving to the Next Episode

For this episode, you will need to claim tiles (not including the initial tile marked green) to be able to move onto the next episode. You can progress without reaching the final tile (purple) that has the new dragon.


When hovering over each box you will see some of the rewards that can be gained by purchasing that box. Food and Gold rewards scale by the players level, so the actual value will be different. Buildings and some of the possible dragons are not shown yet.

Collecting Points

Grid Islands require you to buy each box using points. These points can be coins, tokens, or whatever fits the theme of the island. To obtain these points you take actions like collecting gold from habitats, feeding your dragons, and hatching eggs.

The most important thing to know is that grid islands have a timer, and you can only collect so many points (600) during any given 8 hour time-frame. Once you’ve collected the max points in that time-frame, you won’t get any more until you are in the next 8 hour time-frame. So pay attention to the timing and don’t waste your food, eggs, or time when there’s no chance of gaining points from it!

Collect Gold

Collect Farm Food

Feed Dragons


Breed Dragons

Hatch 2

Hatch 3

Hatch Legend

Collect Greenhouse Food

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