Breaking Bad Movie: EL CAMINO: Ending Explained & Full Movie Spoiler Talk Review

Breaking Bad Movie: EL CAMINO: Ending Explained & Full Movie Spoiler Talk Review. We breakdown the plot, El Cameos and ending of El Camino on Netflix!

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Read the full break down here – Breaking Bad Movie: EL CAMINO: Ending Explained & Full Movie Spoiler Talk Review

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The long-anticipated sequel sees a return to the world of the hit tv show Breaking Bad after wondering what happened to Jesse in the shows final few moments over six years ago.

Throughout this video I’m going to be breaking down everything that you need to know about the new film El Camino and it’s ending. There’s gonna be heavy heavy spoilers here so if you don’t want anything about the film ruined then I highly recommend that you turn off now.

Make sure you stick around until the end of the article for my review and with that out the way, thanks you for clicking this, now let’s get into our breakdown of El Camino!

El Camino Plot Recap
The movie opens with a flashback of Jesse talking to Mike before the latter’s death in which they discuss what freedoms they will soon have once they’re out the game and where they should go. The scene is pivotal to the movie and it instantly sets up the aesthetic that Jesse will do whatever he can to get away to the life that he worked so hard for. It’s the real driving force, pun intended, of this road movie and due to the sentimentality laced within the opening you as a viewer are really rooting for the character to get away.

The Story then picks up immediately after the events of the final episode of Breaking Bad Season Five Felina with Jesse just escaping Jack and his crew’s lab having being saved by Walt. Hunted by the police who are hot on his tail right from the off there’s an intense feeling throughout as we watch Jesse using all means necessary to escape the long arm of the law. This film is laced with close calls, seemingly endless Police Convoys and there are a few narrow escapes by the skinny Pete of his teeth.

Is Walter White Still Alive?
Now the big question on everybody’s lips in the lead up to this is ‘did Walt really die in the finale or is he still alive?’ Though the prior trailer answered this pretty definitively, there’s still been a lot of speculation as to whether he will return for the special. El Camino once more confirms that yes, Heisenberg is indeed dead though it takes a long time getting to it, not dropping a full report until we are half an hour in. Cranston does return in a flashback in the latter part of the movie which I’ll get into later but he doesn’t come back in some big blaze of glory.

Whilst some fans may be disappointed by this, in my opinion actually raises the stakes a lot more as we realise that Jesse is the only person that we can root for and thus his story becomes even more engaging.

El Camino Ending Explained
With this reminder and now the money, Jesse is able to go to the vacuum guy and be transported up north to Alaska which was paid lip service to in the opening conversation with Mike and Jesse. With the new name Driskell, Jesse can start a new life and start again. He gives the Vacuum Guy a letter to Brock Cantillo, who many will remember was the son of Jesse’s girlfriend that was killed in Season 5 and Jesse Remembers Jane, his other girlfriend who died and remembers the promise that they had to run away and start a new life together. Jane stated that, similar to Jesse she had gone where the universe took her entire life and that it’s better to make those decisions for yourself and we end with Jesse on the road, heading out to start something new.

El Camino Review
But what did I think of the film? Well personally I absolutely loved it and though I was initially worried that this would ruin the perfect finale for the show, it developed it in several ways that made it a gripping wat

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  1. What ever happened to Jesse’s parents though? They said they were gonna pick him up only for them to never return. What’s up with all those cars following them as well? What happened to Walter’s family? What about Huell and Kuelly? Has the DEA ever found Hank and Steve? What happened to Saul? Although this movie was a 10/10 for me, these questions still bothered me.

  2. Can't lie watching this i got the same feeling I did watching Force Awakens. Kinda fan servicey and I feel like it played it too safe and by the numbers. Whilst there's nothing wrong with that it just makes me wonder if this was something we needed. I didn't want to get some crazy subversion like Walt being alive. But i felt Jesse's journey was a bit too simple and him getting away through the vacuum guy just seems so basic.

  3. I liked the movie but I wish they would’ve kind of told us what happened with Walt’s family and would’ve included a bit more of Pete’s questioning, even as an end credits scene.

  4. Wait when was Walter’s death mention? In the news report they do mention White but just that he was the one who created the weapon, but unless I’m mistaken they didn’t confirm his death. I thought they kept it ambiguous just like the original ending.

  5. It was the bitter sweet ending to a show that was so good and honestly think that Aaron paul is one of the most underrated actors and he still got to work with Brian 💎💰🛢❤️

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