One Punch Man – A Hero Review


One Punch Man is the best manga I have ever read. It is not surprising why it has attracted the attention of many readers.

The hero, known as the Anti Hero (SA), is a kid, a fellow student of Yamada. A common student from a private high school in Japan.

In this short and quick overview, I will focus on the author, a famous Japanese manga artist named Saitama. This review was written with the objective to convince those who might not have ever heard of this great manga author. It is my sincere hope that this review might spread his works far and wide.

As the story begins, we are introduced to the world of superheroes where a huge amount of threats are on the rise. Due to this hectic nature of the day to day living, the lives of ordinary people are getting badly affected. The Anti Hero, a person who wields superhuman powers to defend the world from danger, comes to town and starts working with a neighborhood watch. He forms an unlikely friendship with the local female character named Iyo, as well as taking up her challenge to a fist fight.

To my surprise, One Punch Man’s sales are very good. It is also my impression that this series is an extremely popular one. So this begs the question: just how popular is it? I will try to explain.

Once the hero awakens from his slumber, he discovers that the hero he was before has been replaced by a super-powered guy who has also awaken and also wants to become the hero. The situation is even more volatile and difficult than before. We can actually see the effort that the creator, Saitama, has put into making it so.

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The manga illustrator or artist made it a point to create an image that is complex yet easy to follow. In the start, the images are simple and easy to understand, yet it gets really complex in the later parts of the series.

The story is definitely something that would intrigue anybody who is a fan of the real-life heroes that inspire us. In this manga, we get to see what the heroes do once they wake up from their slumber. It’s interesting to note that these heroes are no longer just ordinary people; in fact, it looks like they were superheroes before.

It is often said that heroes are those who go through life without fear and with purpose. It is also a good way to motivate a teenager or an ordinary person to go out and fulfill his purpose. Thus this manga provides much motivation is a good thing to have.

A lot of people try to go on living their own lives while still living up to their ideals. This manga has provided a good example for such people. Furthermore, those who are struggling to live up to their ideal can gain some inspiration from the characters.

As the author himself has said in the beginning of the review, the title of the manga, “One Punch Man”, is actually something that could be a pun. In other words, it is a story about someone, like an average person, doing something very courageous. It is easy to say, “Heroes are good people” but this manga illustrates a more realistic view of a hero.

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There are many things about One Punch Man that make it a very popular and influential manga series. The plots are interesting, the art direction is great, the translation of the work into English is really good and the characters’ emotions are truly being portrayed.

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