Pes 2020 Review – Why is China Doing Well and the US Economy Struggling?


My Pes 2020 review: Too Long; Didn’t Read? To my mind, the most important aspect of the official Chinese financial system is the PRC’s rigorous, central planning. Without a doubt, the internet and other media outlets in mainland China have grown immensely in recent years. This has sparked more interest in China and even within China.

We are experiencing a period of serious economic growth, but we must be careful to consider the long-term implications. To better understand what is happening with the world’s second largest economy, I invite you to view my Pes 2020 review.

As an offshore investor, one of the first things I notice about China is the rapid growth of their capital market. In some cases, foreign investors have to wait for two or three years to gain access to the Chinese markets. At times, it may seem like the market has become a wild west, and foreign investors are at the mercy of the whims of local authorities. Indeed, this can be the case, but it’s important to note that the Chinese government works very hard to maintain order and take proper steps to avoid discrimination.

I am a member of the Chinese Reform and Opening up Commission, and one of its goals was to improve China’s investment climate. The last two years have seen positive steps by the Chinese government, which includes opening the foreign exchange market, reducing the wealth management capital requirements, the easing of restrictions on international investment, and others.

Yet, it is still one of the biggest news stories in China. This is because of the huge impact that the foreign investment has had on the Chinese economy.

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If you have been following the Chinese economy, then you may have heard about the new “pes” exchange rate – the People’s Currency, or the PSC. If you haven’t, here is how it works. It’s not that complicated.

The PSC was introduced to discourage the capital flight that is currently occurring. This is due to the fact that China’s foreign exchange reserves are falling rapidly. This led to the devaluation of the Yuan (yuan = renminbi) against the US dollar. While we all want this to be beneficial to our economic well being, it may actually do more harm than good.

China’s currency, the renminbi, may fall further against the US dollar as a result of foreign investors’ non-mainstreamed investments. This will make our exports more expensive and our imports less competitive.

So, now that you know more about the PSC, it’s time to read my Pes 2020 review. What’s happening with the Chinese economy? What is the future of the Chinese stock market?

One key takeaway from my Pes 2020 review is that many people are not getting their money out of China yet. Even though the PSC has raised the bar in terms of foreign investment and allowed it to be more transparent, this hasn’t allowed Chinese banks to move quickly to liquidate their overhang of bad assets. Instead, they are still selling and buying shares, which is slowing the rate of bank bailouts.

The CPIX has been a vital tool to allow China to correct some of these problems, and at the same time to ease the effects of the decline in the PSC. What’s next for the Chinese economy? Stay tuned!

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