Resident Evil 3 2020 Review


There is a new Resident Evil 3 game out and I’ve been looking forward to it like a girl gets a hot date. So, when Capcom sent me a review copy of the upcoming Game of the Year edition I was obviously excited.

I figured I would be able to rip and paste some screenshots into my Word document and then turn the scrivener around to line them up the way I wanted. But, unfortunately, that wasn’t possible. The Game of the Year edition can only be purchased by buying a CD or downloading it as a digital download.

So I decided to read the entire game through in the most unreadable style I could manage. It’s a real shame since the game is so good. Let’s go over a few things we’ve learned about Resident Evil 3 2020.

A Good Story, Ugly As Hell Graphics – Oh, I guess you thought I would give the game a high score just because the story was good? I don’t like to give games “high” scores. It’s not about the story. If you read it, it’s probably good.

Ugly As Hell Protagonist’s Powers – The protagonist of Resident Evil 3 was one of the worst characters I have ever played. And if you know about the Nemesis system, you know how unbelievably hard it is to defeat him.

Don’t Miss Out on the Game – If you go out of your way to make sure you have a copy of the game, you should be able to save some money. There are also some flash games available to play with. They have a similar feature to Resident Evil and they are well worth playing.

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Revisited Experiences – The remake of the original game was incredible. It had all the things you need to replay it, including a different plot and a completely different setting. However, you won’t be able to find a copy of the Game of the Year Edition as it was made available as a digital download.

Price – The Game of the Year edition is priced at $60, which is pretty expensive. You can find better games for less money online.

Quality – This is another reason I’m avoiding video game reviews. Because I don’t think I could look at this game enough to determine whether or not it’s as good as the original. I know the Nemesis system is a bit harder to do and the difficulty level is higher.

Easy Graphics – The graphics for the game were bad in the first game and that continues here. However, the simple designs and the occasional glow effects are still very attractive. The artwork and animation are very nice too.

A Classic, Tough Game – I still remember playing this game in my younger days. However, it’s a lot more fun to play now than it was then.

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