Was Bill Gates a Well Known Face?


All you have to do is read the testimony of Steve Sinofsky, former CEO of Microsoft and you will understand how he reacted when the scandal broke out about the Microsoft software. He felt that this was very wrong and he made his resignation in the morning.

When the news of his resignation came, he had a decision to make, he could either run away or take risks. Running away wouldn’t be good because he would probably face accusations and charges. The risk will give him a chance to make a comeback if things would turn out badly.

Sinofsky found his home again in the company he served for so many years. But it took him two more years to make his comeback. With the help of Microsoft, Sinofsky managed to make his way back to the top and become the CEO of the software giant again. It took him six years but it was worth the effort.

According to his statement, he has learned a lot about leadership. In other words, his training was perfect. He would go on to save the company and come up with a plan to turn around the situation.

Sinofsky was secretary of Microsoft’s marketing department at the time. It was his duty to bring out the message to the employees.

But he became the face of a scandal, he became a joke of the company. People were laughing at him and he lost his confidence. He felt that the way to get back in the favor of the company would be to fight for what he believed in.

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Sinofsky didn’t want to leave the company. Even after the media coverage of his resignation, he didn’t want to leave his children with the past. He couldn’t live with himself, that the biggest company in the world had disgraced him and his name.

His father, Michael Sinofsky, became his advocate and pushed him through the process. He wanted his son to succeed and promised that all the things would be alright for his son.

If you compare what he had been doing before and how he fought for the Microsoft and this company, it would be easy to say that the latter one won. Sinofsky was a perfect fit for the position.

He got involved in so many meetings with the directors of the American Association of Professional Executives, it became a tradition for him to show up every month. He also founded an organization called “ABA-MSFT” which stands for the American Association of Business Executives.

You can clearly see the difference between Steven Sinofsky and his predecessor, Bill Gates. They have the same attributes but one has turned the business on its head and the other is struggling to get back on the track. One is working at the bottom while the other is working on the top.

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