Real Life Iron Man Builds Super Strength “Suit”

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A COMIC book lover turned wacky inventor has come one-step closer to realising his dream of becoming a superhero – by building his very own exoskeleton. The prototype has already allowed James Hobson, 25, to curl 170lbs, lift a Mini Cooper with ease and even pick up a truck. James, from Ontario, Canada, hand built the exoskeleton in his garage – which he has dubbed the ‘Inventorium’.  Inspired by one of his favourite comic book characters, Tony Stark – aka Iron Man, played by Robert Downey Jr in the Hollywood film franchise – James set up his own company called Hacksmith Industries. Like his childhood hero, James designs and builds an array of weapons and devices – attributing his passion for building machines to his love of comic books. 

Videographer / director: James Hobson
Producer: Bunmi Adigun, Nick Johnson
Editor: Joshua Douglas

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  1. all you guys got a motivation out there somewhere find it and do it. he is my motivation to build the ironman suit which some things it the suit is almost impossible but tell yourself that nothing is impossible because nothing is unless you are trying to be god then that's impossible all you have to do is believe, if you believe that you can do it you will and you can if you put your mind to it you can do anything. But anyways this is what inspired me to do what i want to do and don't let someone or anyone, it can even be your dad or mom but don't let them tell you can't do or you're to dumb to do anything because by letting that/those words and people saying that you can't do it is what destroys people's lives so don't let that happen to you there is so many people out there in the world that will doubt you or tell you are weak or incapable to doing it, so don't let that get to you. I am trying to find a way to create the ironman suit to fly around the sky and fight crime and help people. Right now i,m 13,skinny, underweight and weak but not to weak but I get pushed around by my friends and some family and i'm going through rough times in my life facing problems that can send me to hell ''and no one wants that'' to problems and worry about my body growing. To save myself from going to hell I have to change my life in ways that only abstract thinking people could understand by the way i'm christian and it is not good to do the things I did and be christian… point is that don't let people boss you around ''accept your parents'' and make sure you listen to your parents , back to people bossing you around, don't let them do that because it changed my life and i became reckless, be good, follow your dreams, do what you want to do and enjoy it besides we only have limited time on this earth so make it last because time is the only thing you can't buy or make last forever. so yeah don't let that happen to you try to change the world for the good not the bad. Ironman's movie inspired me to try to do this and write this and not just the fact to fly around the air shooting laser beams and rockets and flying in the air at mach 5 but let your dreams become reality not fiction because fiction is not an option anything can become real if you think that you can do that thing you want to do. So the reason why i'm looking at this is that i have to know how he builds the suit parts that fly and shoot, I need a master's degree in EE, physics, math and some other stuff that's hard but i believe that I can do it and I know I will. Feel free to comment on this and sub even though i won't do videos until i can think of what to do it on and how to act in them to make them interesting and fun to watch give me suggestions on what you would like to see and I might just do it just vote on what you want to see whoever has most votes on what to do. I will do it on once I get the equipment and to get my dad to agree that if I can go in the youtube business and make money. OH and sub if you want to help me later on in life to make the ironman suit real and fly and we might sell at least 1 to 2 suits once we do make the suit but only sell to the military or the president and I will have companies or groups fund the whole thing so you maybe won't have to pay for anything unless you want to pay for parts to help make the part of the suit you are interested in. also some of the suit like the exoskeleton that has strength has already been work on or made so that's less work to do. So sub if you want just because you like ironman or just the fact I made this deep and long, life changing, inspirational speech. If you learned something from this tell me i will be happy to reply once i'm out of school.

  2. So in essence, he created just normal pneumatic systems that just somewhat fits around a person. He could take himself out of those gadgets and still get same results so while it's VERY nice when people start building things, this isn't really anything special. Now I don't mean this sucks, because it doesn't. But the applications for human to wear something like this are still far off. People with welding skills and knowledge about mechanics and how to build simple things can do these, but the real problem is in application: How to make those exoskeletons to work so that you don't need all those controllers for them? Because when you use those controllers, you could just operate those mechanical gadgets while not being "inside" of them. Perhaps in the future we have all kinds of interfaces with these exoskeletons that allow us to put some sensors on our skin (for example) that would read the commands from our muscle (again for example) and would make those exoskeletons move accordingly.

    Now, it was just hydraulics that had this guy "in" them 😛 Good effort, not denying that, but lots of research and proto-work to be done to get it more practical.

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