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Why is Apple temporarily closes all 42 stores in China as well as the US, India, and Canada? Is it really because of the contagion, SARS? A few retailers have warned that the contagion may spread from China to the rest of the world and cause a pandemic.

Maybe we need to be aware of how a new virus-like the coronavirus, which has no known treatment, can literally ‘kill’ an entire city of people, ‘overwhelm’ a whole school and can create a pandemic. So, what is this mysterious disease?

The coronavirus, which was first identified in China, causes a respiratory infection known as MERS. It is caused by a coronavirus called MERS-CoV and appears to be one of the deadliest viruses to date, causing three fatal cases in Asia, including a child who died from pneumonia.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has written, “It is clear that MERS-CoV has the potential to affect other countries, as well as the United States”. This could be one of the greatest blunders, from a businessman’s point of view, in modern history. Can this virus make its way across the Atlantic ocean and infect a huge city like Toronto?

Maybe Apple has just learned too late that the virus in China, the worst since SARS, can potentially affect the entire globe, including the US. Apple said they are closing all US retail stores. In the same announcement, they told customers to check with their store managers for availability at local Apple Store locations and online. In the U.S., there are a number of large stores where the virus is contained.

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Recently, I noticed anew news story about a small town in the north of the state of New York, the town of Roanoke, where the coronavirus had first been identified in December 2020. I asked the public health department and they said it is not safe to enter the town, and that they believe this is an area where the virus originated and then traveled by plane to Canada and possibly the US.

Not long ago, another alarming news story was announced that a case of SARS was diagnosed in Vancouver, BC, Canada. With four people now infected in China, and one now confirmed to have contracted the virus in the U.S., there are many who say this is a case of just too much, too soon.

At the time, the Global Medical Crisis Response Centre of the University of Alberta told me they were testing more than 100 patients from Rana Utah. The person infected with the virus is believed to be the largest single case of MERS-CoV ever documented, which means this virus is spread very rapidly.

The Rana Utah Hospital has been treating three people with the potentially fatal SARS-like symptoms since Friday, although there have been no confirmed cases of the virus in the area. The local epidemic started in an apartment complex and eventually spread to several other apartment complexes in the area.

There are at least seven apartment complexes in the Rana Utah Salt Lake City, one of the area’s largest cities. Salt Lake City and Utah are one of the cities in the world with the highest risk of the virus spreading to other cities in the US. In fact, Salt Lake City is part of a region known as the West Coast Outbreak zone, so with this news of an outbreak in Salt Lake City, do you think this virus may spread to other cities in the west?

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In a matter of months, the West Coast outbreak has already spread from Utah to California, California to New Mexico, New Mexico to Texas, Texas to Arizona, Arizona to Nevada, Nevada to Colorado, Colorado to Wyoming, Wyoming to Idaho, Idaho to North Dakota, North Dakota to Montana, Montana to Wyoming, Wyoming to North Dakota, Wyoming North Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Montana, Idaho and Montana, Wyoming and Idaho, and Idaho. Some parts of the West Coast Area are next to Nevada, Utah, and Utah.

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