Artificial Intelligence Can Help You Get to Where You Want to Be in Less Time


Google is working on self-healing maps, thanks to artificial intelligence. Imagine if we could be more physically and mentally healthy, and that a computer system could do it all for us.

Back in the early versions of Google Maps, we had to manually click on each location or street to see what it said. Now we can use voice recognition to show us how to get to a location, as well as what it says when we hover over a point on the map.

And with self-healing maps, they’re taking the idea a step further. We’ll soon have roads, how to get to each one, how fast it goes, how many turn lanes there are, and so on. The road map will be an interactive one, not just a static one.

That’s why Google engineers built the Cars API to work with CNC machines. It has high-resolution cameras and depth sensors and will display the information on a map. Right now, it’s using the camera’s ability to analyze color and dark areas, while its depth sensors help determine the height of places.

It’s like building a car from the ground up and letting the self-driving engineer build it from that, which they’ve done. Because it doesn’t have to understand everything about the world – things like the curvature of the earth, or the difference between “high”low”, they’re able to work with it better than a human driver would.

Google has taken the same philosophy to understand the human mind. We can’t anticipate everything we need to do in a day, but we can’t expect our systems to do it for us either. Letting the car perform the thinking is beneficial, because it means the system can work much faster.

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Google is also using CNC machines to make self-healing maps. The software is still in the early stages, but it’s already great at showing users how to get to different places.

It’s also showing the driver which route is best for his or her new cars. By tapping the map icon, they can quickly select a route based on their own preferences, instead of what Google tells them.

And with self-healing maps, we can use the same technology to get to various landmarks, as well. They can tell us how far a route is, if we hover over it, how long it will take to get there, and so on.

There’s one final word of warning. If you’re one of those people who want to avoid someone else’s frustration, don’t take advantage of the CNC equipment Google built. It may seem useful for one day, but it can’t help you if you don’t learn how to use it.

Self-healing maps is only the beginning, but it shows that artificial intelligence can get us closer to understanding the human mind. To be on the cutting edge of technology, it’s up to us to educate ourselves and use it to our best advantage.

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