The Latest Phone in the Galaxy Series – Galaxy Z Flip


Galaxy Z Flip is the latest phone in the series of Galaxy brand. It has the capability to look fashionable, with its large display and funky yet clean design. Galaxy Z Flip is the device that has the ability to replace the handsets of the previous models such as the Z, ZL, and ZR.

The Galaxy Z Flip is a re-imagining of the recently launched Samsung P300 series. The design of this device is similar to that of the latter device, but it has some extra gadgets and features added to it.

The display of the device is larger than that of the P300 and that of the ZL series. In fact, the Z Flip display is made up of an 18.5-inch high definition (HD) display. So, you have a full HD viewing experience of your favorite movies, media, games, and photographs on this device.

There are many functions that can be accessed by the Z Flip. You can find a video recorder, FM radio, heart rate monitor, auto-forward facility, NFC facility, space for two SIM cards, four-megapixel camera and the list goes on. Apart from these, there are a variety of other features available in this device. These include Bluetooth, voice dialing, digital voice calling facility, Waze Navigation, support for 3G, geo-tagging and much more.

This device also comes with an added feature called a game-changer. This new feature allows you to carry your games, games and many more on the phone and transfer them to other compatible devices like USB flash drives, digital cameras, and others.

Once you purchase this phone, you will get a free mobile gaming console. That is a must-have if you want to play your favorite games and if you do not have one, then this may be the best deal to tempt you.

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Games have been a hot seller for the Galaxy series and this mobile handset is not different. This particular phone comes loaded with games like Candy Crush Saga, Clash of Clans, Temple Run 2, Golf Story, etc.

It comes with the X-ray, barometer and GPS functions. All these functions are useful for navigators and adventure lovers.

The wide range of mobile accessories is also present in this handset. Some of these accessories are Bluetooth headphones, 32GB micro SD card, Memory Stick, Extended Battery, VGA Cable, Multi-Media Interface, VoIP phone, Money Clip, Smart Watch, Paddle, Slim, Bluetooth keyboard, KeyLogger, Smart charger, Keye Loop, Keye Dock, Keye Kit, Cloud Management Service, PC Companion, Kit Chop and many more.

It has the required hardware to run the operating system and applications that comes with it. It is however more advanced compared to the earlier devices that were released in this series.

To conclude, the Galaxy Z Flip is certainly a great device that offers all the features that one can ever want in a device. This device is priced at $299 and has a lot of flexibility to play games, stream music, browse the internet, play games and many more.

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