Trump Takes Aim at China – Ban Huawei


In the UK, it seems that no matter how scary things become the leadership always manage to bend the will of the citizens. The same cannot be said about Donald Trump and his promise to ban the Chinese from the United States in exchange for that country giving up all its plans to build their own 5G network in the United States.

Now how can one explain this baffling decision of the president? Surely, as we all know, the greatest superpower in the world cannot afford to alienate the Chinese, who are the biggest buyers of our American made goods. Also, these days the Chinese are at the forefront of the growing field of robotics and artificial intelligence.

So even though Trump did not get his way and got no deal through with the Chinese, he made a point of claiming that China has been manipulating our politicians. He stated that if the United States will give in to Chinese pressure, then perhaps they would have the worst deal they could ever hope for.

However, as is evident from what has transpired in the last few days, the claims of Trump cannot stand scrutiny. The fact is that China has gone ahead and acquired the right to build their own network in the United States without asking for anything in return. Although the administration is obviously uneasy at the mere mention of this situation, nothing has been done yet.

The other reason why the president got so upset is that the United States has been engaged in a power struggle with many of its allies and that includes the ones in the South Pacific. The prime mover behind all this was America’s failure to grasp the importance of the MCC (Modular Central Computer) during the election campaign and so China used it to do away with the USA’s leadership position. That is why the Chinese felt that they had the right to “take” the United States by storm.

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With Britain’s much-vaunted reputation for the free flow of information, the Government of the United Kingdom and its leaders can hardly blame themselves for being confused as to how the President of the United States could possibly propose such a thing. The fact is that most of the Presidents of both parties are now following what is called the “Washington Consensus” and this essentially means that the United States would develop its own network, which is based on its own technology instead of the Chinese.

A quick note on the background of the 4G problem in Hawaii. The military there had requested that the U.S. Government give them an early advantage of the new technologies of its own network to protect the island.

As far as Trump is concerned, there was a difference between the two sides of the argument. It was only after some time that the president of the United States concluded that the Hawaiian arguments were a little lacking in substance.

However, if you look at the whole picture, there is no doubt that China now dominates the security environment in the Pacific, just as the rest of the world is talking about it. The same can be said for the new technologies being developed in Japan and South Korea as well.

A new treaty has just been signed by the Japanese and South Korean militaries in which their interests in the matter of developing the Japanese 5G network have been acknowledged. These two nations will now cooperate and develop a 5G network in conjunction with the Pentagon.

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If the UK fails to rise above its own politics and allow the company that has offered to manufacture a high-speed, globally available system for the network in the Hawaii will not be allowed to join the consortium. This might be the end of the list of challenges for the British government with regards to the Chinese.

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