What Are the S Pen and Why Does It Matter


The future of Samsung phones seems to be quite fascinating. The Galaxy S20 has been the reason why I keep buying Samsung mobile phones. This is what they have done right. Let’s see if we can bring the same amazing features that we are used to seeing in their other devices.

Some of the best features that the Samsung phone is offering is their Smart Pause function. It makes it easier for those people who hate to constantly navigate by touch and tap controls to disable the old set up and use the whole touchscreen.

A lot of owners of the Galaxy S6 also use this feature, however this is one feature that works much better with the Galaxy S20 than any other smartphone on the market. For some users, using the app would take a few minutes, while for others, it will take just a second or two.

I know that I don’t want to waste a second if I don’t have to and I don’t like waiting around with an app that would cause me to be clumsy using my phone. The Smart Pause feature is perfect for me and I am so thankful that it is in the S20.

Another feature that I like to see is the S Pen. It is a great addition for me since I love to write down notes and documents and I am really happy that the S Pen has come along.

The S Pen is definitely one of the most important features that Samsung has added in the Galaxy S20. It is one of the few devices on the market that can do pen works and not just use its stylus.

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So when I say that the S Pen is one of the main reasons that I love my Samsung mobile phone, it is because of the fact that it makes doing so much easier. It is truly an amazing tool and I love it.

Another good thing about the S Pen is that it has many app functions that are very useful and fun. With it, you can draw, create beautiful animations, and even send messages from your S Pen to your friends, family, and other people.

The great thing about using the S Pen is that it can also be used as a camera. It has a few different modes like the flash, eye detection, and facial recognition.

I really love to use the S Pen when it comes to taking selfies with my S20. It will surely help me enjoy those moments that I take while walking around my neighborhood, at the beach, and in other places.

As for me, I cannot wait to get my hands on the S20. It has been the best phone I have ever had and it is for sure that the S Pen is the next most important feature of the Galaxy S20.

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