Will a Future Smartphone Need Cellular?


The FCC has a long-standing policy against Internet Telephony and it uses its power to stop the commercialization of telecommunication service and new technologies. This could be true of all future wireless communications for computers.

Since the FCC does not want cell phone service and broadband to happen, they will not allow any new businesses or applications or even new phones, to exist. That means the phone service that is already available is useless or not even secure enough to let other businesses put them on.

The iPhone has been one of the most innovative phones of the last few years and it is also one of the more secure phones available. And the apps and applications for the iPhone can do more than just talk.

Now, the phones are getting stronger and more secure and at the same time, mobile data is getting faster. And that means our phones are going to have things like smartphone cameras and much more.

In the future, we might see new technology and businesses that have all their business moved off-site to virtual offices. So for the most part, our phones are going to be more like PCs and more computers are going to use the Internet and more companies are going to move their office to areas with high internet speeds.

So the question is if those new phones and tablets and the software applications are not allowed, how are they going to work? Well, there is something called the Internet Protocol and the old network management tool that runs on top of TCP/IP does not support the new technology and can not change the way people talk and access the Internet.

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The telco provider can give you the free software and configuration on your phone but this takes a lot of time and is not really worth it. So, what are the new phones going to do?

Well, the phones are not going to require the cellular phone service, so you can go anywhere and never have to pay the monthly fees or any of the charges that you would have to pay if you had a phone from AT&T or Verizon. That means you do not have to worry about that all the time and you can go to any service provider and just use their services.

And since you are not locked into anything, your future smartphones and computers will not be locked into a mobile phone plan or any particular kind of Internet service provider. They will be able to go to any service provider and get the same Internet as everyone else and they will have the freedom to run a business or install and use any application that they choose.

These future smartphones will also be able to use other devices like cameras and much more, so they can also be secure and allow you to take pictures of different things. This makes them similar to computers and they will be able to be accessed by all kinds of devices.

There are a lot of interesting things that will be available in future phones and computers. We might see a lot more of those because the FCC and the telcos have tried to stop innovation and it seems like that won’t be the case anymore.

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